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  4. library page When I'm trying to connect to my account using FTP, the system doesn't respond for some time and then logs out with an error.
  5. library page Can I have many websites on one plan?
  6. library page Can I transfer my existing domain?
  7. library page Can I upgrade my hosting plan to get more disk, mailboxes and bandwidth?
  8. library page How can I check the web usage information for my domain?
  9. library page How do I change my credit card or billing information?
  10. library page How do I check how much disk space my files are using?
  11. library page How do I connect to my MySQL database?
  12. library page How do I disable directory listings?
  13. library page How do I get telnet or SSH access to the server?
  14. library page How do I import delimited data into MySQL?
  15. library page How do I make my own Error Documents to replace the default ones like 404 Not Found?
  16. library page How do I modify my login password?
  17. library page How do I protect a directory with .htaccess?
  18. library page How do I protect my website from comment spam?
  19. library page How long does a domain name registration last? Can it be renewed?
  20. library page What is IP-based web hosting?
  21. library page What is name-based web hosting?
  22. library page What is shared (virtual) web hosting?
  23. library page What PHP modules are available and how do I load them?
  24. library page Where can I see my website if my domain registration does not yet list the right DNS servers, or if I do not have my own domain name?
  25. library page Where is web-mail for my web site located?
  26. library page Which Apache modules are installed?

Can I have many websites on one plan?

Basically, we do not limit quantity of domains on one account; the question is only in necessity. If there is a greater loading from your domains on a server we can limit their quantity.

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