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  3. library page Can I keep my domain name when I change a host?
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  5. library page Do you suggest a high level of technical support and after-sales service?
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  11. library page How do I track how many hits my website gets?
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  14. library page Is your company a web hosting reseller or a core web hosting provider?
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  18. library page Will you not insist on set up fees or give me some other special encouragements to sign up with you today?

How do I track how many hits my website gets?

At first, it is necessary for you to switch on web usage statistics for the concrete domain. For this purpose in your account it is necessary to pass to the page Stats where you can choose service of statistics comfortable for you and switch it having pressed on the button "off" then it should exchange on "on", that means, that service is switched on. It is necessary to consider, that the statistics cannot appear instantly, we recommend looking statistics not earlier than in a day after you have activated the given service.

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